Best Selling Comfortable and Flattering Floral Dresses On Amazon

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These flattering and highly rated floral dresses on Amazon will give you a bang for your buck in all seasons — plus they feel like pajamas!

I do everything in dresses — I hike, cook, lounge, go on day trips, you name it.

I’ve been purchasing some of my very favorite and most worn clothing items, like floral dresses, on Amazon for many years now. In this post I will let you in on the exact same dresses I wear, and have been wearing for years. I wear them in any kind of weather; in summer they’re worn with bloomers and sandals. In colder weather (ahhhh, colder weather..) they are worn with a cozy cardigan, leggings and boots.

The biggest asset for me when purchasing clothing on amazon is the customer photos. When you click on most of these dresses, you will see thousands of reviews and tons of customer photos, customers with all types of bodies.

Because of their looser nature, these dresses should easily accommodate many body types — yay!

1. Milumia Women Button Up Floral Print Party Split Flowy Maxi Dress – 70% Rayon, 30% Spandex

You guys. I cannot emphasize enough how many times strangers have complimented me on this dress. By far more than any other piece of clothing I have ever worn. It is a joyous flower garden in the form of a dress, gorgeous and so very light and comfortable. My own dress was purchased in 2017 and is still going strong. 
Something you cannot do in this dress: go blackberry picking. Seriously, do not walk too close to bramble in this dress, or you will feel like you are in a slapstick comedy act — disengaging one part of your dress from this thorn, all while another thorn catches it from the other side. However I highly encourage the baking of blackberry crumbles while wearing this dress and listening to the harp music of Lavinia Meijer. Ok, back on track to number two.

2. YESNO Women Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Dress with Pockets Short Sleeve Long Maxi Summer Beach Swing Dress – 100% Cotton

back of woman wearing a green and gold floral dress outside while holding a basket

This is my newest dress that has already become a trusted regular. This one is even more free fitting, and I like that the waistline is lower — a plus for larger busts. Having the waistline overlap isn’t the best look. These links will bring you to the exact patterns I chose, but feel free to click on all of the many options!

3. Milumia Women’s Boho Button Up Split Floral Print Flowy Party Dress – (I didn’t realize it was 100% polyester — but this one feels just fine)

This one is like the sibling to the first dress, it’s sort of identical in structure except it has longer sleeves and it isn’t a maxi. I bought this specifically for the 90’s vibes it gave me. Especially when it’s cool enough to pair with simple black boots like Blundstones or Doc Martens. Very comfortable, and perfect when worn by itself for very hot weather.

4. YESNO Women Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Print Dresses Spaghetti Strap Long Summer Beach Swing Dress 100% Cotton

I wore this dress on a walk with my stepdaughter a week ago, it was a warm and breezy day and felt so lovely to wear. I’ve actually been wearing this one just to lounge about at home, as well.

Note: you can get this exact fabric pattern in the listing for dress option number two, above.

5. Milumia Women’s Button Up Split Flowy Short Sleeve Plain A Line Party Maxi Dress – 100% Rayon

Not a floral, this is a different listing but the same dress as option number one. This deep shade green is gorgeous and calming, and the dress has a very elegant look. The fabric feels delicious on the skin. I plan to sew a button, but in the meantime i’ve used a safety pin, as I don’t like to wear things that are exposing on top. I’m 5’4″, so depending on your bust size or height, you may or may not show cleavage.

Next up, a few more dresses that I don’t yet own, but have my eyes on:

6. Women’s Summer Bohemian Square Neck Floral Print Ruffle Vintage Flowy Beach Vacation Long Midi Boho Dress – 60% Cotton Blend

7. VintageClothing Women’s Floral Maxi Dresses Boho Button Up Split Beach Party Dress – 100% Rayon

I just found this pattern, which you can tell is the same dress as #1 and #5, but again it is a different listing. I NEED THIS PATTERN. I am a sucker for brown and earthy florals.

8. Mordenmiss Women’s Flowers Floral Pleated Fall Casual Dress with Pockets – 90% Cotton, 10% Other

I actually own this one, but I need to order one size smaller (It’s meant to be very loose, but the XL is a little bit too loose on me I feel). It is a very thin material, but thin materials have never been a problem for my as long as i’m wearing a bra and bloomers/bike shorts.

I hope you find a “kindred spirit” in one or more of these lovely floral dresses from Amazon <3

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    1. Aren’t they lovely? I live in these! And there’s approximately 8 gazillion pattern variants for most of these, haha. Which does make it a little dangerous… 😛 Thanks for the comment!

  1. Such a great post! I only wear dresses and skirts and mostly dresses! I did an Amazon shop for dresses a couple of weeks ago, I so could have done with this post when I ordered!!

    1. Me too (pretty much only wear dresses and skirts here and there)!! I hope the ones you ordered are working our super well for you! Thanks so much for the comment 🙂

  2. Great post an lovely suggestions! That first one in particular is gorgeous

  3. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely check out that first floral dress. Now that I’ve been working from home I’m really not into jean waistbands anymore . . .

    1. I hardly ever even wear skirts actually because I don’t like waist bands! I feel that dresses are the superior all-in-one garment, haha. Thank you for visiting!

  4. I love your dress picks!

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